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Lush Brows was founded by Maria J. Perez in April of 2012 in the city of Madison, WI. Her mission was to create an atmosphere where clients could receive the best treatment each and every time they went in for a service. Her mission statement has always been: "When your job is your passion, it will show in your work". The best reward for her has been to see her clients come in time and time again and their referrals to Lush Brows to friends, family, job associates even shout outs on social media! Two years later in 2014, Maria started working with celebrities thus taking her brand to new heights, adding star studded clients to her resume. Lush Brows has grown and continues to grow due to word of mouth and that is what the mission was all about, to make sure clients felt great every time they walked out of the salon! We continue to welcome new faces and we hope to see you soon!

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